Microsoft Point Generator V2 [2011]

 Microsoft Point Generator V2 (Working 2011)

Here is the second version of the Microsoft Point Generator as promised. This program will generate free working and genuine Xbox 360 points code which can be redeem on Xbox Live website or on you console. Please try not to abuse it or you will ruin it for the community. The program is completely safe to use so you will NOT get your Xbox 360 a console ban or your Live account banned.

1.  Download the Keygen / Generator by clicking on the button blow.

2. Open the program and hit “Generate” and make sure the green check mark show up.

3. Copy the free code and redeem it.

4. Enjoy and share this with all your friends using the like button and the share button at the end of this post.

NOTE: If you have any problem, download the troubleshooting guide here.